Payment types we accept
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Payment types we accept

Payment types we accept
Dear customer:
Thank you for shopping in our store. We accept Visa and Master credit cards. If you don't have Visa or Master credit cards, but you have paypal or other bank cards, we can accept payment on aliexpress.

How to pay:
We have two ways to place an order. If you choose to place an order with visa and master credit cards, please see scheme 1.
If you can't pay with visa and master credit cards,please choose to go to AliExpress to use paypal or other credit cards, please see scheme 2. 

Please ensure that your order information is correct before payment, otherwise payment failure may occur. The specific steps are as follows:
Scheme 1:



4.Please complete the payment

Congratulations on your purchase. If you want to buy more kinds of products, please add them to the shopping cart and pay together.

Scheme 2:
If you can't pay with visa and master credit cards,please choose to go to express to use paypal or other credit cards.
Please place the order according to scheme 1, but do not pay, so you have an unpaid order.

After you click finish order, please go to order management. For unpaid orders, you can see the unpaid amount and order number. Please copy the order number.

Click the link of AliExpress below to select the corresponding quantity for payment

Aliexpress link:

If your order amount is $10.46, please select the purchase quantity of 10, and we will send your goods in full.


2.Please note order No+from brickpandatoys

Congratulations on completing all the steps. Thank you for your patience. If you have any problems in paying the order, please contact us at [email protected] , if you want to confirm whether the order is successful after payment, you can also send an email to us for confirmation, and I will send the package as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the use of shopping carts, please check out our next blog.

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