Another set of Warhammer 40k minifigs!
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By brickpandatoys | 14 May 2024 | 0 Comments

Another set of Warhammer 40k minifigs!

A set of 5 models seems to be just a color change, but if you look carefully, the printing pattern of each model is slightly different.

Although the minifig is equipped with a suit of armor, there are still 4 sides of printing on the body, and each expression is different! However the pattern is set and packaged as follows.
MY601 Ultimate Warrior

The blue armor has vivid expression prints

With golden shoulder strap
Its weapons are two silver pistols

MY602 Blood Angels

Just like its name, it's red like blood

A small skull is printed on the leg

Its weapon is also a silver pistol

MY603 Imperial Fists

its full body armor is yellow

with black shoulder straps

Holding a small silver short gun and a small chainsaw

MY604 White Scars

it has scars on its face

The white armor is printed with two lightning bolts

Its silver short gun is slightly different from other minifigs

MY605 Dark Angels

This is a green armor minifig

no frills

In his hands is a small blue and gray pistol and a chainsaw

This set of Warhammer 40k products is just as the official description, the workmanship of this set of minifigs is very exquisite, and recently our store is doing an event, this product is doing discounts, the price is very high, welcome to the store to buy!

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