Today, let's take a look at the wolf pack together!
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By brickpandatoys | 27 July 2023 | 0 Comments

Today, let's take a look at the wolf pack together!

The Star Wars series is good, and the design of the characters is relatively classic
The packaging is as follows


Clone Trooper Boost

This issue has improved the issue of inadequate painting

Configuration of dual weapons


Heavy Infantry Wolfpack

Even complex helmets can be printed well

Reloading refers to weapons


Wolfpack AT-RT Driver

This one is still impeccable

There is a wolf pack logo on the top of the helmet


Wolfpack Sergeant

This style is quite classic

There were also some minor changes made to the helmet


Wolfpack Captain

This time, the shoulder armor is still made of fabric

But the effect is better than the one shoulder one


Wolves Commander

This is equipped with two heavy weapons

A long gun, a short gun


Commander Wolfe

The only one is not a mass production payment

There is also a small 'antenna' on the helmet


Wolf Regiment Commandos

This helmet printing showcases a bit of technology

A model that is highly worthy of mass production

Combined Photo

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