KT1072 brings Spider-Man to our universe!
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By brickpandatoys | 09 August 2023 | 1 Comments

KT1072 brings Spider-Man to our universe!

In this issue, we recommend a peripheral product of the movie Spider-Man Universe - KT1072! Next, let's see what they look like!

XP548 Miles Prowler

In the last scene of the movie, the vigilante Miles prowler appeared

Dirty braids in the movie

Eyes, clothes, helmets and cloaks are fully restored

XP549 Multi-handed Spiderman

Inserted a six-armed Spider-Man that didn't appear in the movie

The arm is the six hands of the mutant Spiderman that appeared in KT1069

The background color of the arm is flesh-colored

There is also an extra blue six hands

XP550 Rhino

This is a design from the game

Opened a new helmet with armor


XP551 Spiderman 2099

The texture on the body of the super popular 2099 is very detailed

Same as Miles and Gwen before

The red paw on the hand looks like an easter egg
Second Expression

XP552 Blackened Spotted Man

Although it didn't take long to appear in the movie

but still mass-produced

The configuration is the same as the spotted man without blackening

With two more black six hands

XP553 Byte Spiderman

Byte Spider-Man is missing a helmet

but gave a new hair

It is also a crucial role in the movie!
The movie minifigures in this issue still look good. Those who are interested can click the link below to buy it. It is really recommended! At the same time, let us look forward to the product evaluation next week!

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