Unique Wine Red 21st New Star Legion Man
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By brickpandatoys | 14 May 2024 | 0 Comments

Unique Wine Red 21st New Star Legion Man

In the previous blog, we have already showcased the new Star Werewolf Legion of WM6126 and WM6128. In this issue, we will showcase a unique Legion, a wine red team - the WM6127 Legion.



The packaging is as follows.


Nova Corps Marine Team 4

Helmets may seem simple, but the requirements for printing technology are not low

The backpack design is also quite good

Everyone is equipped with dual weapons


Trooper Squad 3

This one looks very good on the front!

Rocket backpack praised!

Also equipped with weapons


AT-RT Driver

The helmet can clearly see the details

Another different backpack


Clone Engineer

Still outstanding on the backpack


Commander Bacara

The skirt design of this model is quite delicate

Equipped with two weapons


Elite Nova Corps Marine

Same helmet as WM2251

The backpack is also very good



Compared to others, added "shoulder armor" design

The backpack is the same as the WM2255


Trooper Squad 2

Coming to the last mode

Equipped with a rocket package

Finally, let's take a big group photo


This series of figurines is still worth buying. Welcome to the store to choose!

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